Week 3 has been fun & challenging. The teachers and the students in both my claases have a good sense of humor, so there's often laughter & jokes. In addition to more words, on Tuesday we started characters in the afternoon class. Lots of characters. On Friday we had a quiz. I was pleased with what I remembered, and surprised by what I couldn't remember. It's been a long, long time since I've had a regular class with tests.

Today I went to Bai Yun Guan (White Cloud Temple), perhaps the most important Daoist temple. I spent an hour and a half there walking around and taking pictures. There were many people there burning incense and praying. I tried to be unobtrusive and didn't go into the shrines, with two exceptions. I went into Yao Wang Deity Hall to see the Shrine of  Medicine Deity Hua Tuo. There I left an offering. I also didn't take pictures inside any of the Shrines. I bought a brass taiji/bagua wall plate for my office.

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be a day for resting, study and laundry. Next week is my last one here with only four days of classes since Friday is the Labor Day holiday. I leave for Shanghai on Saturday.