Hey guys,


Here is another update of what I have been doing!

Again, I have had very busy but amazing weeks. Firstly I have had the pleasure to meet a friend of Joss (my flatmate). His friend is called Sheldon and came all the way from Canada to visit for a week. Whereas I thought I would have a normal week, things turned out quite differently!

On Tuesday upon coming back from work I decided to bring Sheldon to a little bar not far from my work and not far from the restaurant I was going to take him and Joss to afterwards. Joss still had to finish some stuff, so we left earlier to get a couple of beers. Had a good talk and a good laugh with Sheldon and after that we went to a Yunnan restaurant. This place is amazing and has some delicious food. We order quite a lot and also decided to order a nice bottle of Baijiu (white Chinese alcohol). Quite strong that one! Later in the night we went to a massage place and enjoyed a nice 80-minutes long foot-reflexology massage. It was awesome and as people here would say: A true Beijing Evening.

On Wednesday I was supposedly going back home early from work (yay!). However I talked to Joss during the day and we decided to meet up around 6 to go back to the Yunnan restaurant with them and a girl they met that very day. It was quite fun, but we did not order the Baijiu this time around!

Thursday I was supposed to go to a wine tasting after work. However things turned out quite differently… I left work early (at 5pm) so that I could go home and have some food before heading to the tasting. At that time Ian (my boss) decided to go get a drink and discuss some things with me. Of course I could not refuse a little drink! One turned into two, and soon turned into some more. After a couple he had to leave, but Teddy came into the bar with some friends of her. They were celebrating her birthday and she told me I should stay and have fun as well. So as you see, I did not manage to get to the wine tasting but I stayed there and had a great laugh with newly met people. The night turned out to be quite long and more interesting but I shall not bother you with such stories!

Friday was more of a normal day as I was very tired and I have volunteering on Saturday mornings. Which by the way is incredible. For those who do not know: I am helping teaching migrant children. For now it has been English only, but soon I will be teaching some basic scouting skills including first aid, nods, et cetera. I am really excited about this! After my volunteering I had some private classes and in the evening I got to enjoy the night with Daphnée and Loïc as they got back in Beijing the day before they left China! I really enjoyed their company and they made me feel quite nostalgic about getting back, but hey, that’s just because there are so awesome.

Monday I went to the movies and watched ‘Kingsmen’ with a friend of Teddy I met on that one night. After that we headed to a bar and had some more drinks. Very fun and relaxed day/afternoon. It was a national holiday (Tomb Cleaning Day) that’s why I did not have to go to work.

Wednesday I got to meet some colleagues from our Qingdao office. Of course at night I thought it would be rude not to take them (well just 1 of the 2 came along) to have some drinks. It ended up being a long night with quite some drinks and a lot of IT-talk! Finally someone who I could talk geeky to. I ended up staying at his hostel instead of going back home. Great guy, really happy to have met him here.

Lastly this Friday we had an amazing little night out with my colleagues and had a lot of fun. Had some cocktails, which in Chinese would be translated at ‘Chicken Tail Alcohol’. Then headed for some dumplings and finally go party a little bit.

Now I do realise how most of my stories are about my night and not much about my day-time but that is because most of it is simply working. I would not like to bore you explaining how I am analysing data, editing websites or whatever else I am doing. Know that I really enjoy my internship placement and that I am incredibly lucky being here at REDSTAR Works. Not writing about my work does not mean I do not like it, I love it.

I just realised how in two days I am halfway through my internship. It’s crazy how time is flying by here!

Well I think that is pretty much it for now! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all soon!

Duo Sang


Things to look forwards to:

-        Going to Qingdao office with Ian and Teddy

-        Meet random people

-        Do random stuff

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