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Blog des étudiants

Blogging is fun... and our students sure know how to. Read their adventures here and get to know more about life as a Hutong School student, first hand!


Polish girl in Shanghai

Just a story of a girl who has decided to take a step out of her comfort zone and set off towards a country situated on the other side of the globe without speaking a word in chinese! :)


Qingdao, fun and more!

Hey guys,


It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update so it’s time for me to write something. A lot has happened since the last time I’ve updated my blog so I’ll highlight the things...


Week 3 in Beijing


Week 3 has been fun & challenging. The teachers and the students in both my claases have a good sense of humor, so there's often laughter & jokes. In addition to more words, on Tuesday we...


First two weeks in Beijing

Sorry for dragging my feet on updating. When I got here on April 5th it was freezing cold. The government had turned off central heating to buildings in mid-March, so the first few days were...


Love it

Hey guys,


Here is another update of what I have been doing!

Again, I have had very busy but amazing weeks. Firstly I have had the pleasure to meet a friend of Joss (my flatmate). His friend is...


First Morning in Beijing

I got in after 10 pm last night because of a plane problem in Chicago. I was planning on getting Chinese money at the Beijing airport but it was too late. So I can't get breakfast out. Fortunately...


I'm ready!

I take off April 4th for a month in Beijing studying putonghua (Mandarin), then a couple of weeks in Shanghai studying tuina. The Visa arrived a couple of days ago so they should let me in. Now I...


Some crazy weeks!!!

Hey guys,


Sorry for the late post, but the past weeks have been very busy, which is awesome! I’ll elaborate some of the things I’ve done in the past weeks:

First off we had the welcome party...


Beijing here I am!

Hello there !

Finally, here I am after almost one week in Beijing.
It took me quite a while to get all settled down,
but hey, we made it !

I am so thrilled being able to share with you


Het leven zoals het is: ne Peeters in Shanghai

Het is weer al eventjes geleden en ondertussen zit mijn avontuur er al voor de helft op. En ik wil nog ni naar huis bijlange ni, bijlange ni! Voor de rest gaat mijn super leventje hier weer gewoon...


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