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Business Research Analyst

General Internship Information

  • Business Area: Finance
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Duration: 3 months - 6 months
  • Allowance: 1,000.00 CNY
  • Other benefits:
  • Reference: 1095

Daily Tasks

 Actively research and analyze global trends of fintech, network in fintech (and blockchain) industry.
 Identify key elements of fintech (and blockchain) industry, make recommendations and suggestions to
system development team.
 Research fintech (and blockchain) use cases and suggest/create proper categories as well as
changes/add-ons to the ongoing data structure design.
 Study fintech (and blockchain) startup/project founder and key player personalities.
 Support ad-hoc requests, help streamlining highly fluid startup workflow, assist portal launch
countdown procedures.
 Edit and run test data at the ready to launch Beta portal.
 Document results, communications, methods, assumptions, dependencies, issues, and risks.


 Strong analytical, communication and problem-solving skills.
 Critical thinking skills and the confidence to speak up about matters that need attention.
 Good time management skills and ability to prioritize work while meeting deadlines.
 Excellent interpersonal and networking skills, including the ability to understand and appreciate
multiple perspectives and cultures.
 Outcome focused, accustomed to driving actions to successful completion regardless of responsible
 Academic background in finance, business or economics is a plus.

Additional Information

Computer and IT savvy, fluency in English, communicable in Chinese.
This is a 3 to 6 month short term position, international interns, part-timers and students are welcome to apply. We advocate great work/life balance, autonomy and provide substantial personal exposure in financial industry.

Company Description

We are a startup company focusing on global fin-tech (and blockchain) disruptive trends,
business models, policies, personalities, use cases data and research, our target clients include large financial institutions, banks, government/regulators and fortune 500 corporations. We are seeking top talents to join us as we push forward our exciting product (web portal) launch.


If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us!

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