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Business Development Intern

General Internship Information

  • Business Area: Marketing
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Duration: 2 months - 3 months
  • Allowance: 0.00 CNY
  • Other benefits:
  • Reference: 1143

Daily Tasks

- Market research and analysis
- Sending out e-mails to potential clients, based on primary research
- Attending trade expos in Shanghai, introducing services of the company to potential leads
- Attending networking events in Shanghai, introducing services of the company to potential leads


- Fluent in English or Chinese
- Other languages is a plus

Openness Ability to be open to new ideas and customs.
Organization Ability to organize and present information in a structured and logical way.
Adaptability Ability to deal with ‘grey’ areas, adapt and change your approach.
Positive Attitude Desire to make a positive impact in any situation.
Creativity Ability to think “outside of the box” and come up with new ideas and concepts.
Results oriented Ability to set and achieve goals.
Time management Ability to prioritize, manage time and meet deadlines.
Teamwork Ability to work and collaborate with others, contribute to team goals and listen to constructive criticisms.
Willingness to learn Ability and willingness to observe and listen to others, to learn new skills and absorb new information.
Honesty Be honest and true to yourself and others.
Sense of responsibility Ability and willingness to take ownership and responsibilities over tasks.
Problem-solving Accurately assesses problems and effectively and efficiently arrives at excellent solutions.
Pro-activeness Ability to anticipate on company needs, work on their own initiative and only ask for help when needed.
Independence Ability to work on their own without being constantly supervised.
Strategic thinking Ability to look at the bigger picture, link to business strategy and the market/industry.
Analytical Ability to process and analyze large volume of information.
Presentable Professional image and behavior.
Communication Ability to effectively listen and articulate.
Interpersonal skills Ability to develop professional relationships.
Attention to details Ability to focus on details to produce high quality work.

Additional Information

This internship is purely focused on business development, so only interns who are willing to improve their skills in this field are required.

Company Description

Brand Design Company, focused on

Brand Consultancy
Brand Design
Product Design
Multimedia Design


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