Prices for your Internship Program


  • Cooperation with more than 200 companies in China
  • Over 300 available internship positions
  • Already more than 1000 interns placed in China-based companies
  • The only Chinese school under European management licensed by the Ministry of Education.



  • Compatible for students of all profiles: young professionals, students planning a gap year or internship as part of an academic program
  • Choose your length of stay: from 1 to 6 months or longer
  • All Chinese levels: from absolute beginners to advanced and specialized courses (business, diplomatic...)
  • All year round applications: programs start at the beginning of every month
  • All ages: we accept students of 16 years and above
  • An internship in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu, the choice is up to you

Our fees include all the following:

We find and secure your dream internship

4 hours per week

Includes all fees for gas, water, electricity, ADSL Internet, heating, telephone (except long distance calls)

6 month subscription to Skritter, the best online app for practicing Chinese characters




including a city map, transportation card, plus some Hutong School goodies such as a T-shirt, mug and bag

such as assistance with Chinese visa application, registration in China, travel inquiries, ticket booking, etc.


The price for the Internship Program depends on the length of stay as shown in the table below. 

Hover over the indicated HKD price to see prices in EUR, USD, GBD and AUD. 

  1 mo 2 mo 3 mo 4 mo 5 mo 6 mo
Price / Month 24100 HKD2458.2 EUR
3104.08 USD
1913.54 GBP
3547.52 AUD
16450 HKD1677.9 EUR
2118.76 USD
1306.13 GBP
2421.44 AUD
13717 HKD1399.13 EUR
1766.75 USD
1089.13 GBP
2019.14 AUD
12788 HKD1304.38 EUR
1647.09 USD
1015.37 GBP
1882.39 AUD
12230 HKD1247.46 EUR
1575.22 USD
971.06 GBP
1800.26 AUD
11858 HKD1209.52 EUR
1527.31 USD
941.53 GBP
1745.5 AUD
Total Fee 24100 HKD2458.2 EUR
3104.08 USD
1913.54 GBP
3547.52 AUD
32900 HKD3355.8 EUR
4237.52 USD
2612.26 GBP
4842.88 AUD
41150 HKD4197.3 EUR
5300.12 USD
3267.31 GBP
6057.28 AUD
51150 HKD5217.3 EUR
6588.12 USD
4061.31 GBP
7529.28 AUD
61150 HKD6237.3 EUR
7876.12 USD
4855.31 GBP
9001.28 AUD
71150 HKD7257.3 EUR
9164.12 USD
5649.31 GBP
10473.28 AUD

1 month is equal to 4 weeks.
A monthly accommodation surcharge of 650 HKD66.3 EUR
83.72 USD
51.61 GBP
95.68 AUD
applies to Shanghai bookings.

All programs can be taken for longer than 6 months, the 6-month price per month still applies.


Program Starting Dates 2014* 
6 Jan. 2014 10 Feb. 2014 10 Mar. 2014 7 Apr. 2014 5 May 2014 9 Jun. 2014 7 Jul. 2014
4 Aug. 2014 1 Sep. 2014 13 Oct. 2014 10 Nov. 2014 8 Dec. 2014 15 Dec. 2014  
*Beginner level, non-beginners can start anytime.

Apply directly or contact us for more information. Our foreign multilingual team will be glad to answer all your questions.

Terms of Payment:

The Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) is the primary currency and all other currency payments will be measured against the Hong Kong Dollar on the date when the applicant confirms their enrollment.


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