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gain valuable working experience in China

China is one of the biggest economies in the world and attracts many young people from all over the world who wish to gain valuable working experience in China and prepare themselves for the Chinese century.

Doing an internship in China surely is an indispensable experience for both your professional and personal development.

With 10 years experience placing young talent into professional China-based companies, our multilingual team is dedicated to offering you the best international internship opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu.


An offer available to college students, college graduates and international students

international working environment

We cooperate with hundreds of partner companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu who are looking for talented students and young professionals (just like you!) to join their teams. This is your chance to gain valuable professional experience in an international and engaging environment. Stand out from the crowd, enhance your resume and prove your skills and learning adaptability by doing an internship in China.

Hutong School introduced me to the best internship fitting my personality.”
Jenny, Germany

Summer and winter: all year long applications!

Enrollments for the Internship Program are open all year long, so it's up to you to do your internship in China in summer, fall, winter or spring. Programs start at the first Monday of every month.


How to apply for my Chinese internship visa?

The visa application process is different for each student, so we will help you figure out which visa will be the best option for your specific situation. Once you enroll in one of our China internship programs, we will then be able to assist you with the details of the visa application process.

Is my China internship job paid or non-paid?

The majority of our partner companies pay a living allowance, which covers your daily expenses such as transportation, lunch, etc.

What tasks will I be doing during my internship?

We know that doing an internship in China is an investment of your time and money; we therefore ensure that all our partner companies understand this. You will be involved with ongoing projects and/or will be assigned a project to work on your own. Either way, both situations are perfect opportunities for you to gain valuable working experience, acquire new skills and fine-tune existing competences.

Why choose us?

10 years experience providing students with valuable internships In-house Chinese classes and cultural activities
Transparency about internship placement before arrival in China International team, ready to assist you 24/7
Close follow-up with both you and the company The school of choice for many renowned universities around the globe

Top-rated internships in a wide network of international companies in various sectors

Internship placement in China

We make sure, your internship placement suits your needs and wishes.

From multinationals to SMEs, we are continuously extending our network of reliable Chinese and international companies in a wide range of fields (architecture, law, finance, real estate, event management, tourism, IT, etc.).

We are committed to offering you the best professional experience in accordance with your educational background and professional goals. You will know your internship placement before your arrive!

Unique community spirit

Unique community spirit

Hutong School brings people together, from various nationalities and different backgrounds, all motivated by a common interest... China! A second family away from home...

“Hutong School's crew is really friendly and will help you through the everyday life, they are the kind of people who will make you smile from the moment you arrive."
Luc, France

Meet our dedicated team

Our multilingual team is devoted to offering you the best international internship opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu. They will guide you through every step of the process to ensure that your China internship is truly unforgettable.

Anne Hak Olivier Pietrantoni Massimo Spagnuolo
Program Director Program Consultant & Coordinator Program Consultant


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