Your Top-Rated Internship in China

Your Internship Program in China - Beijing, Shanghai & Chengdu

With 10 years' experience placing young talent into professional China-based companies, our multilingual team is dedicated to offering you the best international internship opportunities in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu.

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Intern in Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu

Partake in our Internship in China Program in either Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu, the choice is up to you!

All year round applications, programs start at the beginning of every month.


Why choose us?

10 years experience providing students with valuable internships In-house Chinese classes and cultural activities
Transparency about internship placement before arrival in China International team, ready to assist you 24/7
Close follow-up with both you and the company The school of choice for many renowned universities around the globe

Top-rated internships in a wide network of international companies in various sectors

We make sure, your internship placement suits your needs and wishes.
From multinationals to SMEs, we are continuously extending our network of reliable Chinese and international companies in a wide range of fields (architecture, law, finance, real estate, event management, tourism, IT, etc.).

We are committed to offering you the best professional experience in accordance with your educational background and professional goals.You will know your internship placement before your arrive!


A personalized program to optimize your
China experience

In addition to your internship placement, we further offer you 4 hours per week of Chinese classes and weekly cultural activities.

Learning Chinese will enrich the quality of your China experience.

Beyond your new professional experience, it will help you to understand the ins and outs of Chinese culture.

Online learning using Skritter, the best online app for practicing Chinese vocabulary

Learning does not end outside the classroom. Hutong School students get a free 6 month subscription to Skritter. Skritter is fully integrated into our teaching methods, allowing you to study and review vocabulary more effectively. Students can then concentrate on more active interaction during class time, enabling boosted oral proficiency.

Accommodation in modern apartments and 24/7 practical assistance

We are here to make your stay safe and comfortable, ensuring you can focus on what's important: learning, discovering China, gaining professional experience and enjoying your stay in the Middle Kingdom!


Unique community spirit

Hutong School brings people together, from various nationalities and different backgrounds, all motivated by a common interest....China! A second family away from home...

Professional internship matching process

Our internship matching process aims at finding you the right internship in China at the right company where you can learn and work based on a clear internship description. 

You will know your internship placement before you arrive in China.




1. Pre-admission

  • We screen your resume/ CV to confirm your pre-admission.
  • Your application is transferred to an account manager specialized in your chosen sector of activity.

2. Goals assessment

  • We select relevant and reliable internship positions for you.
  • We interview you by phone or Skype in order to assess your motivation and confirm a good understanding of your professional and personal goals.

3. Company evaluation & interview

  • We submit your resume/CV to companies
  • Negotiate internship conditions
  • Organize a phone or Skype interview with possible future employers

4. Admission

After approval by both parties your internship position will be confirmed. Our Admissions department helps you to arrange for the preparation of your arrival in China.


Personalized follow up

After your arrival in China we escort you to your company and introduce you to your new employer. An Account Manager is available during your entire stay to support you with your internship and make sure you acquire the professional experience you are looking for. There will also be practical support for your apartment and day to day life in China.


Professional network support

Our network support will help you to quickly build a professional network in China which will be useful during and beyond your internship.

A rich network is a crucial asset to professional success. 

Hutong School organizes regular lectures held by China experts from various backgrounds (business men and women, journalists, researchers...).

We submit weekly updates on events organized by foreign chambers of commerce and other reliable institutions.




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